Monday, July 12, 2010

Average Monday

Blogs are supposed to be exciting. Or at least interesting. I've said before how this is more of a journal than a blog, as an apology to my whopping 6½ readers. Alas, my urge to post dictates the occasional mundane.

I got a new lunch box with this logo on it on Saturday. I'm seriously in love with this purchase. It's adorable.

Saturday morning, I was up at a decent rid of the recycling, hit the library, and shopped for produce at Native Sun. Craft fair on Saturday was a snore, but Mom and I salvaged the afternoon with a trek through St. Johns and dinner at Carrabba's. Sunday was spent relaxing and shopping; Les and I hit Costco for a look-around and finally cashed in on the free membership. Then I hit Publix for the regular shopping. The porch didn't get touched...I spent the weekend reading Kathy Reichs.

My arthritis is acting up again, right ankle. Weather here went from high 90s and dry to low 90s and humid, so I'd like to blame it on the barometer changes, but I'm pretty sure my big butt and sedentary lifestyle play the much larger role. It's driving me to eat healthier and keep exercising. Shopping yesterday was interesting...I read labels now and am trying to steer clear of heavily processed foods or stuff that has the potential to include GMOs. Lord, it's tricky and frustrating, but I'm determined, and I'm pretty sure I saved money in the long run by not buying so much crap. The real test will be using the new lunch box every day instead of caving to fast food. Feels like I'm turning another corner where taking care of myself is concerned...time will tell.

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