Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Wistful Wednesday

Serious energy today...not sure why, but really wishing I could expend some of it on something other than website editing.

Making something a habit is a royal bitch. Scratch that, making exercise a habit is a royal bitch. Making sitting on my ass in front of a computer a habit is a breeze. I should frickin' shut down Farmville completely and take like, a month off FB and see how much weight I lose.

My sched was thrown off yesterday by stopping by Mom's after work to check the cables on her TV (she says it's been turning on and off without her help) and walk the furball since I was there, but that's a seriously crappy excuse for not walking when it's not getting dark until after 8 now. My knees remind me everyday that they're going to keep on hurting until I lose some of this weight. End scene on self-flaggellation.

A couple of new flower wannabes on the tomato plant, but I'm still not convinced. I'll be glad to eat my words in another 2 months, but I think I'm going to try and seed some more tomatoes, start a later harvest, just for of the only perks of living in zone 9A, a really decent growing season. I have more tomato seed starters, and while there's still just basil, parsley, and a lone pepper showcasing my success, I'm really itching to make more...if we're stuck here another 16 months, then that porch is going to be overflowing with green stuff in the meantime. Really wish I could justify a compost bin, but that's probably pushing it...I'm so aware now, of what's being wasted though...every egg shell or banana peel that I toss, I'm thinking how it would serve me well in a compost bin. And who's to say I can't get one of those small fully-enclosed bins to's like my idea of taking that giant Igloo water cooler, topping it with cheesecloth, and making it a rainbarrel...gotta start somewhere. Mel's not-so-new motto :)

Glee's finale makes me want to get my iTunes fixed, since we're coming up on a payday...pretty sure I'll keep putting it off though. I can survive without cool music; bills come first.

SO very nice to hit my wind-down TV time and pick up the sticks and string again...even just for a row or two. I didn't forget how calming knitting is...I just completely wasn't in the mood for some reason, from Christmas through May. Weird. Anyway, very glad to be back at it.

I'm 40¾ today...I know it's just a number, but it still gets my wheels turning.

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