Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Myopic Tuesday

Wow...that image is a freak of nature. I normally don't photograph full-face well, because of my lazy left eyelid. Taken with crappy LG phone.

Right eye started giving me hell with about an hour of work to go yesterday. Pretty sure it's just irritation from contact lens age...I'm not the most diligent about switching 'em out. Today it's OK, but I could tell the ole eyeballs needed a rest, so wore my glasses to work. I'm pretty strictly a contacts gal, so wearing the glasses raises comments. Luckily, the frames I purchased last year fit well...it's the first time in my adult life really that I almost enjoy wearing the suckers, and tend to remove the contacts earlier in the evenings after a long day of computer eye strain. So I brought my new contacts just in case, but by some miracle, am not going 'round the bend yet with the glasses. I hope never to be a full-time glasses gal, but it's quite the relief to give my eyes a rest when needed, without it making me completely nutty. Usually if the glasses come to work, they've been switched out by lunchtime.

Not a whole lot else to report...the days dawn muggy. I step outside my front door in the morning to the wall of heat. With our east/west exposures, the front landing gets the sunrise, so I'm pleasantly surprised when walking from car to office, that it's not actually that hot yet, just seemed so when I was going down the stairs at my apartment. But it's Florida June here....lush, green, warm. I'm restless as usual.

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victoria said...

I also tend to struggle with my contacts. I wish I would wear my glasses a little more often, but like you I don't feel myself with them!