Monday, June 14, 2010

Ornery Monday

Another weekend bites the dust and all I have to show for it is a clean bathroom. Well, that's not entirely true...I also cleaned most of the kitchen and made a chicken rice soup, that I'm pretty sure neither of us will feel like eating this week because it's so damn hot out. Wanted to bake bread yesterday, but couldn't justify having the oven on, as our delightfully energy-inefficient apartment heats up in spite of the AC at the peak of the day. The bathroom area does look good though...nice amount of counter space back, and I threw out enough expired crap from under the sink to fill up a garbage bag and qualify us as a biohazard location.

Went to Chamblin's on Saturday, but only came away with 1 book each...unloaded literally a car trunk's worth of books though, which felt good...there's another Goodwill box started, and with less new TV on right now, my evenings are going to be spent organizing.

SS turned us down...writing up appeal this week.

Harry Potter opens at Universal/Islands of Adventure this week. My Lil Sis is working quite nearly around the clock. They literally check out rooms at the hotels on campus there for the PR staff, but no sleeping is expected to actually occur. I really don't get why she's working past the grand opening...she heads to Charlotte for intro meetings for her new job early next week, and if I were her, I'd get back to Orlando and sleep until the move July 4th weekend. Will be encouraging her in that regard...

But enough about her...I'm ornery and hoping to shake it off as the day progresses. When you get things accomplished on the weekend, and it doesn't appear a dent was even made, it's frustrating. SS turned us down because they say nothing's changed in Les's sitch since we last applied in '07...I feel like saying, no shit, dumbasses, he couldn't work then and he can't work now. I put it as plainly as I could in the initial app...your average office job means being under fluorescent lighting all day, which exacerbates his migraines, and working outdoors isn't feasible either because any exertion past normal exacerbates his migraines. I really don't want to hire a'd have to be one of those "we don't collect unless you do" guys, as we can't pay our way out of a decent phone booth these days. But even those guys must have loopholes in their contracts, I mean, who can afford to work for nothing? In the meantime, looking at federal financial aid for him as well...would love to get him back in school, get the remedial junk out of the way here...he did time in college, but bounced around and left before AA.

Lord, I'm grouchy...heat index is supposed to be above 100 today, but I'd rather be outside than in...hate being strapped to a computer when I'm antsy like this. I'd rather be out sweating myself dry on some project than tapping away at a keyboard. I want to empty the large cabinet on the dining room table and start trimming the edges, seeing if it needs patching, and sanding it down for refinishing. I want to start more plants without having to worry about the damn ducks knocking them over. I want...
(can't remember where I snitched the image from, but I've used it before, so its source is archived)

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