Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thoughtful Tuesday

It's rather hilarious how the mundane reminds you not to take things for granted. I can only take vitamins with food, makes me feel bleh otherwise. Took my vitamin this morning a good hour after eating, and breakfast sat in my belly like a rock for a stretch...makes it a blast trying to concentrate on work. When that feeling passed, it brings this relief, this parting of the clouds that reminds you of, well, something...all of a sudden, the coffee kicks in and the day's not going to be so bad after all.

Kind of like how I'm feeling physically today...surprisingly not sore. Got home last night and just knew that I wanted to work out. The achyness in my knees from the moment I got up yesterday morning really pissed me off...I'm so over this body! So I changed clothes, stretched, and did a series of strength and flexibility exercises that had me certain that my knees would be worse today...instead I'm feeling it a bit in my calves and nowhere else! Excellent! Tells me that it's OK to increase the weight I'm using on my arms, and that my body was positioned correctly during the exercises. This is crucial, because I was doing squats, lunges, and what I call invisible chair, where you squat with your back against a wall and hold it for X seconds or minutes. I'm big enough where there's a cardio factor even in my strength workouts, so I didn't feel so bad about blowing off a walk. But tonight's laundry night, so since I'm in the vicinity of the fitness center, will grab some bike or treadmill time.

Summer's kicked in here...rain hit again yesterday, and today dawned with that mugginess that comes after it. Woke up around 5 a.m. to a downpour, so I slipped out to the porch before work to check on the plants...thankfully, no one's drowned, but I'm keeping a close eye on them, because space is limited out there as to where I can move them away from the rain. The duck has stationed herself under the table again, so we've got about 3 weeks before I can feel safe putting anything on top of that table...for some reason, the current duck is clutzier than the last one and my crap keeps getting knocked over. Part of me wants to toss the litterbox right after this next batch hatches, but most of me loves the role of feral livestock midwife, so we'll see...

And I'm boycotting NBC for a while...there's nothing left on there that I need to watch. I'm still an SVU fan, but it's getting long in the tooth, and how many times can you watch a show about child molesters? Last night's Law & Order season finale had everything that was good about that show...action, legal twists, character development, and that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from being invested in the characters. It was enough of a tied-in-a-bow ending where I couldn't help wondering if they knew they were done long before we did. But I'm just so tired of watching NBC make decisions about their shows that punctuate how oblivious they are to public opinion, so screw 'em.

Turning in press release!! My brain had to do some interesting contortions to shift from writing advertising copy to press copy, but man, it was nice grabbing the ole thesaurus again...getting me thinking about writing again...

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