Saturday, May 01, 2010

Saturday update

Had a half hour of work to make up this morning, and now I'm getting laundry out of the way at Mom's...had some quilts to wash that I've been avoiding like the plague, just letting 'em sit, because regular clothes always take precedence when you're paying for it. Weird how I do more laundry at her place when she's not here...I swear I'm not avoiding her! Just easier to get other things done while it's running, at my place.

Christy visit was so nice, good food and company. I got my dress fitted and will go for another fitting on the 12th. Something to look forward to on an otherwise crappy day (3rd anniversary of losing Dad)...

It's May Day, and Florida has given itself permission to hit the 90s starting tomorrow (89F high today)'s gorgeous out, and with regular work behind me, it feels like a day to work outdoors sweating yourself dry...I hope I'm still in that frame of mind when I go home in a couple of hours. My porch and car could both use the attention.

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