Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Random ramblings...

Ah, Tuesday, you tease, you soulless bitch. Get me in a good mood, feeling much better, getting energy back already, wanting to expend it in a constructive fashion, and then send me to work where I spend the morning on an editorial treadmill with an incline somewhere near 15 and a paycheck that's dwindling to base rate...

Did we liberals whine this badly when Bush was in office? Seems to me we were so busy working our asses off to get Obama elected, we didn't have time to whine. I get that a portion of the sour grapes that we hear coming from the right side of the aisle is, of course, a deliberate plant by the fourth estate (the unbiased media...pause for hysterical laughter), but geez...I'm reading articles where conservatives are bitching about the cheap shot that was fired in the form of a Sarah Palin joke (yes, I'm aware that's redundant) on last week's Glee, and all I can think is, wow, you guys don't have anything better to whine about? Guess they finally figured out that the health care situation ain't going in their favor, so they're scrambling for new ammo. Kind of pitiful.

While I'm ranting about politics and media, can someone explain to me how Fox News gets away with the slogan "Fair and Balanced"? Talk about your staggering falsehoods! There's a false advertising lawsuit in there somewhere...

Animal Life:
Haven't been carrying the camera with me lately, in case the porch eggs hatch and Husby wants to take pictures, so less pics on blog again, sorry. Dear guy went outside this morning to check on our girl, refill her bowls (we've been supplementing her with bread and water), and water my plants. Brought watering can in to refill with intention of keeping it indoors, and had the crap surprised out of him when a tree frog flew out of the can and proceeded to hop all over the kitchen :) Was able to apprehend our little green friend without the cat's intervention, thank goodness, but when he tried to deposit it outside the porch door, the little dude kept hopping back in! So I guess I have to stop thinking about my apartment as being unfit for children and animals, because the cat's still quite alive and thriving, and we have amphibious creatures trying to room here too!

Seriously obscure: I've decided that Ryan Phillipe's doppelganger is Christopher Egan and that Jodi Lyn O'Keefe's doppelganger is Alexa Davalos. Just sayin'...and yes, I watch too much TV. Although, now that I think of it, my TV watching has gotten pretty selective lately...it's just my brain retains the most mundane excrement sometimes.

Crafty Goodness:
I think I'm finally getting in the mood to pick up the needles again. It's been weird, haven't felt like knitting since Christmastime...it's like the disappointment of those ill-fitting mother-in-law-turned-niece socks sucked the joy of it out of me for a while. Still not really in a sock mood, but thinking of pawing through my hilarious amount of UFOs and taking stock. Also, I'm thinking this yarn in this colorway needs to be a gift to myself for some project, as a reward when I get us moved to NC.

Don't tomatoes have to flower in order to bear fruit? Thinking of buying some wildflowers for the porch to encourage the pollinators, because I'm fearing my location ain't the best breeding ground for bees.

Gearing up for May and June with Goose Love:
Those 2 months are hard, the first for the anniversary of Dad's death, the 2nd for his birthday, Father's Day, and the anniversary of his first aortic dissection (not in that order). They emotionally shred me, so I'm taking steps to work through it, recognize it for what it is, move forward, grow, heal, etc. Hopefully I'll be so busy planning the move, it won't be as bad as last year (the philosophy that pain can't hit a moving target). But I've also decided something: that the spirit of my dad lives in Canada geese. I feel very blonde for thinking this now, nearly 3 years later, when the day after Dad's memorial in CT, we went to visit the gravesite and spent the time at the cemetery with a flock of at least 2 dozen of my favorite birds grazing quietly nearby. But we also have the small flocks that congregate around the retention ponds near my work and apartment complexes, and I'm finding comfort in seeing them almost daily. I may not even think of Dad each time, but they settle something in my soul when I see them. Nice.

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Alexa said...

Love the geese thing. Cardinals were my mom's thing. There was one outside her bedroom window that I got a photo of staring straight into the lens. Hangs in the girls' room now. Anyway, I spotted one in a tree on the road home from the hospital just after she died.

Funny that I saw one with Maria a couple of weeks ago, while taking her out for a bike ride. We heard it singing and looked up. There it was, at the top of a leafless (it being MA and early April) tree. Thank you for the reminder. I just made this connection.