Monday, April 19, 2010

Not entirely my fault!

Gotta give credit where credit is due. While I'm no doctor, my Internet research abilities are fearsome...and the latest intel suggests that my lousy diet was a factor certainly, but didn't kick-start the lousyness...the steroids the dentist gave me did! Steroids are known to strip the gut of good bacteria, just like certain antibiotics. Let the self-flaggelation cease!

First green smoothie was actually purple...frozen berries, banana, some juice, water, kale, and a touch of honey. Not bad at all, so this morning I continued the trend with apple, pear, banana, and kale...that one's definitely green and yummy as well. With the rest of my diet currently bland and my appetite on the sidelines, it's nice to have something so fresh, tasty, and new in the repertoire. Thank you, beauty that moves!

Back at work, taking a probiotic supplement, expecting exhaustion as the day progresses, taking care of myself...gotta try doing more of that when I'm not under the weather too.
Sidebar: definitely need to blend a bit more...tastes fine, but seriously sludgy.

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Alexa said...

Maybe try blending in some yogurt (plain or not-so-sweet vanilla) to the smoothies. We take the leftovers and make popsicles. A pill bottle with a chopstick will do the trick. Way healthier than creamsicles or fudgsicles, which themselves are quite low fat.