Wednesday, September 02, 2009


"My shoe is off, my foot is cold, I have a bird I like to hold..."
Paraphrased from One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss

Feet cold...I don't watch enough Weather Channel apparently, or I would've brought my trusty raincoat to work. Floridians don't swear by raincoats, believe it or not, because half the time it's too muggy to wear them comfortably, but we're short on umbrellas right now in my fam...can't believe I didn't grab it on the way out this morning.

Did lunch out during Noah's flood. Drove the Nissan through a pond at the entrance to McD's that I'm certain is the deepest I've ventured that vehicle yet. Cut through the hospital parking lot on the way back b/c I rightly assumed the drainage would be better through there. No use though, slogging through that rain with my wimpy umbrella means enjoying the rest of my workday soggy from the waist down and craving a glass of wine, a wood-burning fire, a woobie, and a good book. Thank goodness for the shawl I keep in my desk, it's saving me from air-conditioning pneumonia as I write. I'm starting to dry off, but the wet jeans odor remains. Yay.

One week til my birthday...let the midlife crisis commence! Time to find myself a 20-year old construction worker and buy a sports car. Just kidding, of course, trying not to be too pensive about the big 4-0 as it draws near...I have enough depressing me in my life lately. Work's a bitch on wheels and I'm looking forward to my break more each day.

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