Thursday, September 03, 2009


Brought my raincoat today. No need to whack me over the head with misery, I get a clue pretty quickly. We're supposed to have rain for the next week basically...the flooding was frickin' unreal yesterday, so I can only imagine what the week holds.

Definitely learning moderation though...had a glass of wine last night (yes, Irish relatives, that's one glass, singular...), and realized that was all I needed after that grueling day. Ok, yes, it was a Melanie-sized glass...we have wedding wine glasses and matching water goblets...I choose to use the water goblets as wine glasses :) but still impressive.

I'm so stressed out lately, my biological clock has hit the snooze button. This doesn't amuse me, so I'm trying to chill today. Working at my own pace, and if they balk, I'll take my lumps when they come, but I definitely need to chill. So far, it's working; I'm feeling better today, not so down...I was a moody mess when I got home last night.

The upcoming 6 days off will go by too quickly if I'm not careful, so I'm planning a day trip or two, and making some notes today of things I'd like to get accomplished. Yes, yes, I'll be relaxing too, but we Lyons' kind of have to plan our relaxing...a sad condition, but we feel so much better about ourselves afterward. Don't try to understand it, it comes from a pretty buttoned-down place.

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