Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday wanderings

Nothing too exciting to is boring, can't decide what to do for lunch. Enjoyed a bottle of wine last night, so prepping lunch just wasn't going to happen this morning, but surprisingly, woke up with no headache or ill effects, so actually the no lunch can be blamed on laziness. Still, I'm definitely reaching a point where I just don't need the booze anymore...doesn't hold my interest or something. Weird.

Made homemade pizza last night, if you can call it that...we're talking Pillsbury Pizza dough in a can, Ragu, and cheese and bacon. Not half bad for my first try. Really got me thinking...want to try Publix pizza dough next, and make and freeze meatballs on a weekend. Came home and told Husby the first appliances we'll buy next year are a washer and dryer, but the 2nd appliance we'll buy is a freezer. I really want to be able to stock up and store food more, and our microfreezer just doesn't cut it. Can't even really fill the sucker, because the fridge is so old, it shuts down if you block certain vents or's a blast.

Clomid may focus me, but estrogen wires me out...can't sit still at work, which is fine, because I'm in a cube so hardly anyone sees me, but still...wish I could use this energy toward something other than helping people advertise crap.

Sad about Ted Kennedy...Republicans may be dancing on his grave, but we liberals have lost a true leader and fixture in the party. A great man went quietly last night, leaving a truly inspiring legacy of government aid and progress for others to learn from and take up the mantle...

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