Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Food for thought

I still talk a good game and then indulge in way too much junk food...one of my only occasional weaknesses is Snack Packs. Just can't duplicate that yumminess anywhere else. But I'm definitely drinking the natural life Kool-Aid, because it dawned on me while indulging this afternoon, that:

(setting aside the probable horrific nutritional information and the fact that they're individually packaged in plastic cups...that should be reason enough to steer clear...)

Nothing that claims to have real milk in its ingredients has any business having a shelf life of at least 16 months.....seriously.....the expiration date was Dec 2010!

What the frick do they put in there to get that shelf life?! I don't wanna know. What I do want is to stop making those impulse purchases. It's possible. Didn't buy boxed cookie dough the other day, because I knew I could make better and at least then I'd know what went into it. And making the change to less packaging isn't that hard...I do it already, using reusable plastics for sandwiches and stuff, and wax paper....and I've been bypassing the canned fruit for fresh lately. Husby's teeth dictate keeping more soft stuff around, but there's certainly ways to find that stuff without it being individually sized. Our culture of convenience is killing the planet. Gonna brainstorm about getting back to recycling this weekend...

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