Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday through new glasses

Wore the new specs to work today. How the frick do people wear glasses all day? Can't imagine it...I mean, my eyes are thanking me and enjoying the change, but I'll be surprised if I last the whole day. That said, astigmatic contacts take some getting used to...realizing I'm still struggling a bit with the contacts, because the glasses feel great, in spite of their inconvenience. It's the prescription, the difference between wearing it as a contact lens versus the glasses. Contacts themselves are fine, both eyes in Oasis™, thank goodness...but it's just...different. Not amused at all that my eyes decided to turn 40 a whole month early, but since I can't do anything about it, I'll shed the animosity over the sitch pretty quickly.

Hormone therapy kind of blows...Clomid gives me energy, but Estradiol gives me headaches and makes me ornery, and Prometrium provides the sharp tongue. It's a blast.

Kitchen's gotten bad again, but Melanie on estrogen just wasn't having any of it last night. Hopefully I'll rally a bit tonight. Thinking of trying homemade pizza for dinner....and I need to make zucchini bread before the veggies go south on me. Laundry night too. Yay.

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