Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Feels like Thursday...

That sucks. Still, I'm glad it's Wednesday...when you work stuck to a computer 8 hours a day, you look at Wednesday with hope, because the weekend's in view. Sweet. Thinking of finally hitting Harry Potter 6 with the Husby this weekend, and doing the Riverside market with Mom on Saturday morning.

Listening to plain old music for a change at work, taking a break from Zen Radio.

When I step outside the apartment in the mornings, my keys sweat from the temperature change. No shit.

One neat thing about work is all the windows...on the 3rd floor, we get a great view of the afternoon storm clouds, so we're rarely surprised when the thunder hits.

This month is going to be about relaxation and visualization for me. I started Clomid again...I have only 2 cycles left of the stuff. I'm going to make a conscious effort not to make myself insane over the whole baby-making thing. My stress transfers to Husby big time, and he's got enough baggage to beat himself with. Besides, I remember how the hormones make me a little nutty, and I really want to keep myself in check. There were one or two times there, on the Prometrium, where I shocked myself with what came out of my mouth. Mean-spirited or far too sharp...and y'all know how I keep it pretty real here, so for it to shock me, it must've been bad. So I'm hoping that by being present in myself, I can keep my moods in check. Pipe dream? Let's hope not...

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