Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Miscellaneous rantings

What the frick is the point of complaining about the weather? No matter what state you live in, you oughta know what you've gotten yourself into, so what's the point of bitching? Granted I've been taking a fairly Zen approach to such things lately, recognizing that things like complaining don't make me feel any better and don't change anything, so thus serve no purpose, but still...

Wait, am I complaining about complaining here...? Heh heh...

Truth is, Florida folks are way soft...I remember being three kinds of uptight about the mess we'd make tracking our butts back inside from the snowstorm that hit on Nanie's funeral day last December up in CT. But the CT folks took it totally in stride, leaving more towels near the doors, hanging coats nearby...that house was packed to the rafters with people, but the snow didn't cause a ripple of concern.

That said, hurricane season evidently came 2 weeks early to our penis of a state...those storms I was scratching my head about last week, because they were hitting areas of town but not the southside, finally hit the whole city. We've been under water since Monday night and it's threatening to stay that way until well into next week. Lord knows we need it; you can see the retention ponds in our complexes crying out in thanks and the grasses breathing a sigh of relief. It's a good soaking rain for the most part, not much debris, and still people whine. Dorks.

Les had a good birthday. His family completely forgot to call, so it helped that I was able to make it nice for him. We had enough in savings and gift cards to get the PS3, and he delighted in the bowie knives I got him. I surprised him good! I made chicken ala king for dinner and it was so yummy, we barely had room to indulge the chocolate mousse I also made.

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