Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hurricane season, shmurricane season...

I've decided that Floridians suffer from long-term memory loss...every year from May to September at least, we're given rain, usually like clockwork, in the afternoons. Technically the season doesn't start until May 30th. So this early burst of weather has completely baffled my colleagues...they look out the windows with a dazed expression and say in surprise, "it's still raining?" I just don't get it....I mean, if you had to pick a tropical state in the lower 48, which one comes to mind? How is it that rain is so startling in a state that's supposed to get more rain than most?

I shared the elevator this morning with an already exhausted guy who was running late because he'd left his sunroof open all night, so his car was a fishbowl when he went to go to work this morning. I told him he'd won the Darwin award for the day. Pretty sure he didn't get the joke.

My plants are surviving at least...they're close enough to the door where they're getting plenty of moisture, but aren't drowning. I'm relieved...don't care as much what happens to the wildflowers, because I have plenty of those seeds, but the herbs I'm hoping to actually use. Kicked myself the other day for using dried marjoram when the real deal's outside the door...

If this is an indication of how the season's going to shape up though, not sure I want to try tomatoes and green beans yet. It's such a tough call, because the only decent place to have them is on the porch, but they would be seriously exposed to the elements there. At least with a garden, the water always has somewhere to may seem to flood, but it eventually sinks deeper into the ground...but with containers, once you hit the top, you're drowning them. Drainage holes only go so far.

Memorial Day weekend...budgeting and cleaning are the biggies planned, I've been letting the bills get away from us again. This year's going by kind of quickly, which doesn't amuse me as I march closer to the big-4-oh. Now that we're past Husby's birthday, time to start really saving for other stuff, like car care and the latest intentions toward a move. Like real adults :)

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