Monday, May 18, 2009


In surprisingly good spirits this morning...the work pile is significant, but I have tomorrow off to celebrate Les's birthday with him, so it's all good. I strained both knees this past weekend, walking the little runt my mom calls a dog, but I was set free yesterday afternoon to nap in my own bed for the first time in 4 days, and it recharged me significantly.

Spent Wednesday through Sunday morning with Mom, helping her when needed and providing company and occasionally a decent meal. We treated ourselves to pizza one night, I made my honey mustard chicken once. We watched TV, played Nintendo DS. We went shopping, where she treated herself and me to some new tops. She's wearing a mid-waist girdle to help her heal and remind her not to bend too deeply, so she's a bit self-conscious and wanted some blousy shirts. I got to see the staples when I redressed her incision, which was both fascinating and a little shuddery.

My plants survived in my absence, and hanging out in Mom's clean apartment for 4 days really gave me a perspective shift. This week will be all about cleaning, one room or section at a time. Our place reeks of smoke, and I'm noticing it now, after my clean air vaca at Mom's place. Walking the dog in the mornings reminded me of how pretty and clear the air is at that hour too. I'm making plans involving exercise to heal my knees and body, and tucking into a major apartment overhaul.

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