Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Snausage face

Hawkeye: "We go back to med school. Actually, he built me in his lab out of a kit."
Stosh: "And it's time for your 3,000 mile checkup...turn your head and cough."

Paraphrased from M*A*S*H* Operation Noselift

Sorry for that confusing bit of TV trivia...just got done with a tour at work. The bosses run tours through our offices quite frequently, and I'm usually called upon in the QC department to show off procedure. It's painless, but I feel like a contestant at a dog show afterward.

There's been quite a bit of uplifting death on this blog the last 2 weeks, so I'm straying completely by offering pictures of Chloe in the clover, just cuz...isn't she a cutie?
I can feel myself sliding into a rut, been pretty mopey of late...will be brainstorming on ways to lift from that. Knitting dropped off, and I really need to brainstorm on a secure mini-greenhouse for the porch plants, because it turns out I may have more of a problem from the local squirrels than the weather. BAH!

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