Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hope is...

...a positive test on the ovulation monitor.

Yeah, I know, probably more than you wanted to know, but I'm in a good mood as a result, so deal. First time I've nailed a positive with those tests...missed it completely last month, was a full week early.

Momma Zen and Soule Mama are particularly good me thinking...about how I treat myself and things that need to change, so I can do right by me and anyone I may bring into this world. SouleMama's post is just eye candy...her seriously healthy looking baby, Harper (little 5-month moose!), is the product of a straight breastmilk diet. Since I'm sole breadwinner, most educated, I'll naturally have to keep working somehow if/when...but Husby knows he'll be finding work then too. In the meantime, so much to do...maintaining our budget, saving, purging stuff. This weekend we'll refile his SS disability paperwork. It's looking like another OT weekend, but I hope I can beg off, because I'd love to hit the Riverside Arts Market, and then the rest of the weekend will be a working one at home.

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