Thursday, April 30, 2009

Herb update

The tomato seedlings are looking lovely, and the cat grass grows like gangbusters. The other little guys...not so much. I have sprouts in the chamomile, basil, and marjoram, but they're pretty low to the soil...not sure if I spaced the seeds too close together or if the lack of fresh air is getting to them. Either way, I'm thinking it's time for outdoor time...but how? I only spritz to moisten the soil, but I may be overwatering too. Still nothing with the spearmint...what does spearmint have against me? I love it, but last year's batch didn't bear anything either. Weird.

So I'll move the herbs to the front landing railing this weekend and see how it goes. They'll be protected from the elements there, and it'll buy me a little time to figure out if I want them out back. Most of them do ok in full sun though, and the tomatoes need to go out back, so I'll be investing in shade material and building something out there to protect them. They need to be out back so they have access to pollinators, but I'll need to keep the squirrels off them too. I'm going to sprinkle cayenne around the porch rail, see if that helps. And that'll free up the closet for the next set of seedlings...some more tomatoes, the Kentucky Wonder beans, and wildflowers.

I bought a window box a couple of weeks back, originally for the herbs, but I'm thinking the wildflowers will go there. I'll mix the rest of my leftover soil in the old litter box and maybe grow them there too, though it's nice to have a container for mixing soil...(brainstorm: the 5-gallon pickle container I bought from Firehouse and use for recycling). The weather's turned full-on sunny and low 80s already, which is why the shade material will be so important. My work schedule doesn't get me home til after 6 these days, which would mean the tomatoes going crispy in the sun before I get home to rotate them to the shade.

Stuck in OT the next 2 days plus Saturday, but I'm planning to hit it early on Saturday and then check out the Riverside Arts Market, before coming home to relax, clean, plan, dream :)

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Alexa said...

If your mint doesn't take, I can send you a piece of ours along with a tin of dried mint. Our barrel-full grows with no intervention and is literally bursting at the seams.