Tuesday, April 07, 2009

How do you keep a dingbat in suspense?

Order yarn through the mail.

Indulged in a KnitPicks order last week...man, I love their stuff! I have 3 batches of sock yarn coming, plus some Harmony buttons so I can finally finish the seriously thick (White Buffalo) wool cape I made like, 2 years ago....just needs like, an i-cord and toggle button closure type deal at the top. Not sure how it's coming though, USPS or UPS, and the waiting is making me antsy. Already have 2 sock projects in mind for the yarn...need to teach myself a cast-on for one of them, that'll keep my mind busy in the meantime. And I need to order their ball winder too, before they come to their senses and jack the price back up.

Back knitting a bit here, a bit there...had laundry duty and a little homework—something actually fun related to work! Put new copy training into action by writing a couple of paragraphs selling a dragon security service :)...plus a seriously emotional House ep (holy crap, they're getting good at keeping spoilers quiet!), so nothing last night, but I did start up the baby sweater again this past weekend, and I bought a pound of LB kitchen cotton and started a dishcloth...SO, SO nice to have enough needles to complete projects and start new ones! Thank you Mommie! That Joann's card has been wonderful, stocked up on drawing supplies too.

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Alexa said...

Thanks for the tip on the ball winder! And what do you use for sock yarn that you love?