Wednesday, April 08, 2009


What am I doing blogging? I have a weeks' worth of site reviews to plow through, haven't started the Production Hold report yet, and have to train again today from noon to 2 p.m., which means the report will back up why fight it? I'm only one woman.

Made a determination about the bike, I think...another hard pill to swallow. The only thing harder than being this size is realizing the potential for my body to literally break a bike frame at this size. I've looked at multiple models, done some Internet research, and buying a bicycle, for me, I think, means a) dropping some weight, and b) spending some dough. Neither of these things can happen overnight, so I'm changing my thought process yet again. The bicycle will be a gift to myself when I hit a goal weight. Until then, I'm investing in yoga blocks, some new exercise shorts and socks, and strapping on the sneakers for walking. I'm a frickin' Nike ad, I gotta just do it.

I'm so over this. Made an appointment for myself with the ARNP at my OB/GYN. We were going to take a few months' off from the baby making so I could get on track, but I'm really scared I need to do both at the same time, because age and heredity just aren't on my side anymore. So I'm going for med refills and advice.

My yarn came in! Woohoo! I haven't tried Essential before, but it's softsoft and the colors are rich. I've worked with Felici in the past, very soft too. Glad I finally tuned into the importance of looking for decent sock yarn and checking ingredients. I mean, seriously, how can sock yarn not be machine washable? That was my big disappointment with Sock Garden, which they no longer make - got it through a stash trade - machine washed them by mistake and now they're night socks only. But hey, every knitter felts something at least once, right? RIGHT?! ::sigh:: Anyway, dug out the Interweave Sock book last night and plowed through my old Interweave Knits magazines...hit too and reacquainted myself with their patterns. There's a fine line between trying something new and being too chicken to try something new...I'm a top-down sock knitter so far, and the William Street socks from Interweave have this excellent looking, fat cable pattern, but they're I'm having to talk myself into them. The thing about socks is the fast gratification, so I have to wrap my mind around practicing cast-ons first with (s)crap yarn, before I set into the patterns themselves. Patience, Melanie.

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