Monday, April 06, 2009


Peter: "Hey, Lawrence, you ever have anyone at work say to you, 'looks like someone has a case of the Mondays.'?"
Lawrence: ",, I'm pretty sure you'd get your ass kicked saying something like that."
Paraphrased from Office Space

Man, I woke up with those. Went to bed grumpy, woke up grumpy. What is it about my apartment that brings on the depression and creates this inability to get a single thing on my mental lists accomplished on the weekend? We've lived there too long, and have just signed on for another 15 months. Dandy.

So it's bootstrap time. I don't know why I operate better on a higher level of activity, but I do...will probably do dishes tonight after work, when the bastards got ignored all f*cking weekend. I didn't want to come to work at all this morning, but I tucked into my chores right away and I'm doing better. Now, being trapped in a copywriting training program (SNORE!) for 2 hours ain't going to help, but I'm in a better place for it now. I'm starting to think Starbucks Lattes possess controlled substance properties.

So I want to plant this week, and it dawned on me that to do it right, I need to seed indoors first, give the little suckers a chance. How to do that with a slightly schizoid cat in the house? And the lightbulb hit...we just closed the AC vent in the closet and started closing the closet door to a) keep the wormy cat from sleeping on the clothes and towels, and b) try and keep our (read: my) clothes from smelling like smoke, because the apartment proper is just screwed in that regard. Since I'm reorganizing the closet anyway (because it goes to seed rather quickly unfortunately when we don't have shelving), I can set up an area for the plants too. Never thought of cleaning as something to look forward to, but I think I can put a more positive spin on it now in my head.

Seeing the community gardens at One Green Generation has me itching to do more than container garden. These next 17 months are going to go by incredibly fast if we're not careful. There's so much planning to be done for Charlotte...

Ordering bike this week probably...unfortunately, the ideal model for my wants and needs has shown itself on the website of the most evil of big-box stores...tossing aside the boycott in favor of free shipping. Baby steps.

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Melinda said...

In our household, it's "The Sundays" that really get us. Whenever we have an attack of The Sundays, we do everything we can to combat it. We've actually created a Sunday ritual of local Indian food and a movie to combat the Sundays!