Friday, February 27, 2009


Reasonably sure I'm not a mom yet...
Glad it's Friday.
The disappointment is sinking in like a slow spring rain, soaking...but I won't let it stick around long. I've already taken a look at my calendar, how March lays out for the task. Dust yourself off, look ahead, was somehow beaten into my head, probably by Dad. Guy spent his life a bit down, but always the brain was working two steps ahead.

Too bad it'll be a little early next weekend...I'd love to conceive outdoors, under the stars...could still happen, never know with nature.

Tomorrow's walk will be really good, motivation-wise. My body doesn't like all this weight, my knees tell me this daily, and still I stuff my face with my emotions. Reading the Zen stuff has been helping my perspective, helping me separate needs versus wants, but it's the beginning of a lifelong the meantime, I have to stop being so afraid of exercising during the 2ww. I'm afraid to put more stress on my already stressed body, afraid to start exercising during the maybe times when my body is so used to being sedentary. I need to realize that my body's tougher than all that, and that any exercise is a good thing.

So, walking and spinning/knitting tomorrow, a little work and a little cleaning Sunday, a lot of laundry, and planning for a much deserved break. Not a bad list for a weekend.

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