Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nice mo

So I've been talking to myself since...oh, at least the 6th grade, when I realized it because my math teacher would tease me about it as he handed back my papers, would mumble to himself after calling my name. Nice enough guy, but that's a bit of political incorrectness I could've done without. Anyway, I've learned to keep it kind of under control, but in moments of weakness (or significantly incorrect medication), I can get quite chatty with myself. Apparently it's one of the things that drew Les to me...I was the manager who talked to movie posters. That's supposed to scare guys off; instead it helped find me my lifemate.

So I'm sitting at lunch enjoying a seriously healthy sandwich and a little zen read, and I'm distracted by this guy who's wandering around the parking lot talking to himself. Well, more accurately, talking hands-free to someone else by cell. And it dawns on me that if I had one of those suckers, I could get away with talking to myself and no one would be the wiser. I'm just goofing around with this idea.....I think. As I have no real use for a hands-free set for my phone, just don't use it enough, my brain wonders if I could make something that would look like a hands-free receiver. I mean heck, I forged a milk ticket in the 2nd grade (cute story for another time), certainly I could manufacture a fake bluetooth! And this feeling washes over me, of fatherly pride and laughter, as I remember how Dad was so tickled at my ingenuity over the milk ticket incident that I never got punished for it. It makes me catch my breath and ache, but mostly it's a warm fuzzy. Nice.


MeadowLark said...

I suggest you just post on Craigslist for a broken bluetooth headset.

You never know WHAT you'll find there. :)

Lynn said...

I have one that found a way to drop into my coffee's yours!