Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back to Reality...or What's Next?

If you choose to believe a store-brand pregnancy test done hastily in the middle of the workday, that was probably done a pinch early, then this month was a wash. I'm choosing to believe it, because it's giving me the ability to relax a bit and plot my next move. I'm still hoping of course, but the progesterone always throws my schedule off, so I won't really know until I know? In the meantime, I haven't been taking care of me well enough. The headaches could just as easily be blamed on candida as hormones, and if I'm going to be true to myself, only about half the weight I've gained this month can probably be blamed on the progesterone. So it's time to revamp the ole diet again, and get thinking about fitness. It helps that I'm doing the Trails of Tails with my mom this Saturday; it's a 1.5 mile fundraiser for the Jacksonville Humane Society, and that distance is about all this body could handle right now. And that just sucks, so it should be a great motivator. Hoping to drop by Sugarbee's afterward (she's local, the Ravelers are meeting), get some hands-on instruction on spinning...we'll see how pooped I am and how sociable I'm's a coin toss lately. Probably have to work a bit on Sunday :(

Next weekend, blissful freedom. Husby's and my 10-year anniversary is March 6; I'm dragging us camping in the SC mountains where I hope we'll hike a little, rest a lot, breathe fresh air, maybe take in a waterfall or two, check out the SC Botanical Garden at Clemson, and several other things that'll be lucky to actually hit the itinerary. The tax return is imminent, and all the February OT I've been slogging through has us comfortable right now. Life is good.

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