Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Today's my Friday :) I wore jeans and sneaks to work and my mind is quite elsewhere. Tomorrow we head north to the inlaws for a quick overnight, then the rest of the way to the park on Friday. The car has clean brakes, 4 new tires, has been aligned, and the oil changed...smoothest ride I've had in ages! I have a silly amount of things planned, and am preparing myself for real life to get in the way of at least half of them, but I don't think I'll be disappointed, so long as I'm with my lifemate so close to the great outdoors. The weather's supposed to be temperate the whole time we're there, except for a touch of rain on Sunday.

10 years...easiest thing in the world, loving cup runneth over.

The tax return came in, but the car work cost more than we'd planned, natch, so we won't get to splurge on ourselves the way we'd hoped...Husby wants a Playstation 3, I want a spinning wheel, but I'm encouraging us to start saving for those, now that I'm making almost comfortable money. I don't want anything for our anniversary except time with him away from Jax. Back in a week!

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MeadowLark said...

Hooray for you guys! It should be fun.

We just returned from a week and I think I fell in love all over again.

Of course, at 23+ years it's not "always easy" to love my guy, but I think I shall continue. ;)