Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Random mini rant...

I'm a unitarian universalist. Haven't been to church in ages, but I enjoy learning about all the different religions that are out there, and I subscribe to more than one philosophy in my life. So how sad and closeminded is it that after trolling around a little on the devoutly Christian blogs, purely for the anthropology of it, that they started to creep me out? That the idea of Christians who spew out litters of kids and pile them all into an RV because they're traveling missionaries doing the Lord's work is a level of weird that I can't seem to wrap my mind around...I think because it bothers me that those kids will never know anything other than Christianity. And there's so much more out there to study. God didn't give us these brains and these philosophies just so we could shut ourselves off from all but one of these schools of thought. I guess it's because I'm a self-proclaimed free thinker living in the South, that I feel threatened...I mean, you can't turn around fast in the South without tripping over a Christian. Can't walk through a Walmart parking lot in South Carolina without some stranger coming up to you to ask if you've been saved. But folks who visit prisons and bad neighborhoods, dragging their families regardless of the kids' ages to meet with the dregs of society in the hopes of showing them the Lord's way...I don't get what makes them think they have the right. It just feels like brainwashing on a couple of levels.

I wish the Amish there's a level of Christianity I can embrace, the ability to live righteously while leaving the rest of the world alone. They probably would think I'm going to hell too, but at least they'd keep their mouths shut about it.

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William said...

Aren't at least the mormons in season?