Friday, January 23, 2009


Payday friday at that...

Made some "to do" lists yesterday, hoping to get started on those tomorrow...maybe even could happen. They want OT at work this weekend, but I don't see it happening in Melanie's world...Sunday the Jax Ravelers are knitting in public, and I want to stop by for that, so there goes a chunk of that afternoon.

I'm down to the thumb on the 2nd mitten, that should get finished this weekend. So I'm betting we've seen our last hard freeze this season in Florida...that's me being sarcastic because I'll have finally finished the mittens. Snood and sweater got attention this week, but I've been a little scattered too.

Thinking of sticking to herbs for my initial spring 9-month-old parsley surprised me by living! Imagine what I could've done if I hadn't neglected the crap out of it...I only noticed it because we've had a couple of hard freezes, so I went out to the porch to bring in the little plants and cover the aloe and discovered the parsley. Motivation strikes again.

Another reason for holding off on planting veggies...been thinking of pulling our credit reports and seeing about moving sooner than later, here in Jax...current lease is up end of May. A tall order to be sure, but possible...yes, yes, I know I could still plant veggies, but I'm recognizing my limitations here...

Lots to do this weekend...I'll try to take it easy on myself when it doesn't all get accomplished :)

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