Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Crazy cold! Drag out the handknits cold! Woohoo!
Mel's in heaven :)
Pulled out my big, floppy hat and my LONG purple scarf for today's excursion into work. Still saw people who didn't even have jackets on. At least the flip-flops took a holiday for the most part. But I don't get 25 degrees, the only thing keeping your snot from freezing is the little insulating walls of your nose, right? What idiot doesn't wear a jacket in this weather? Well, one of my team leaders apparently...lost a little respect for him, I gotta tellya...I mean, there's a line between manly and plain stupid. Can't blame it on being a Floridian...he lived in Atlanta before this gig. Then again, I saw hypothermia cases in 50F weather with rain (the quite-memorable Avon walk back in '02), so I guess I'm just smarter than the average bear about it...

Now, who wants to go to my meeting for me? I'm in a pissy work mood today...the festivities of yesterday have me motivated for other things. Looking into volunteerism...Starbucks is giving away free coffee this week if you pledge 5 hours :) ... check it out at

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