Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fibery goodness

Imagine a city park on the water, bordered by live oaks, sidewalk encircling it, with people meandering about their Sundays walking their dogs, biking...wait, there's a big group of people under the trees on the right...what the heck are they all doing with their hands?!

What a neat feeling it was knitting in public on Sunday! Thanks to Kimber, Corrina, and whomever else contributed to that neatness. There were door prizes, raffle prizes, everything was donated, and 100% of the proceeds went to the local women's shelter, Hubbard House. At least 50 people, women and men, turned out for what was a pleasant day ... we headed for the hills when the sprinkles started, but it was plenty of time for me to relax a bit in the company of (mostly) women. I mainly worked the snood while I was there until my yarn ran out and I didn't have a fresh skein on me...then switched briefly to the sweater. (so there, miss ruthee! I CAN combat project ADD! bwuahahah!) I used to get laughed at because I'd come to an evening mingle with the knitting gals with at least 4 projects...do like 2 rows of something and switch...I think I'm getting a little better...of course, it's because I'm itching to start more socks and fingerless gloves, but don't have the yarn or needles for the projects, so I'm trying to finish projects to justify new purchases...the knitter's vicious circle :)

Got to meet Sugarbee Chris on Sunday, sat right next to her and watched her spin, and the beginnings of a new interest were seeded in me. I'm starting at the bottom like a good girl, bought a drop spindle kit online to get myself started, and I'm looking at online ways to build a lazy kate from household items. It'll probably be a year before I'll consider myself worthy of an actual spinning wheel, which is good, considering the expense...in the meantime, Husby's been wanting to buy me a swift and ball winder, so I'll drop more hints about that for when his research money comes in >:)

I'm back to knitting in the evenings while I unwind, and man it feels good! It's rather hilarious how certain muscles get used during knitting...so when you drop off the hobby and then pick it back up, you find yourself sore in weird places. Centering me nicely though, which is cool, because I've been kind of hormonely unhinged the last couple of days :P

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Alexa said...

Google instructions for a Tinker Toy swift. You can probably find a box of them at a yard sale or second hand store.