Friday, January 09, 2009

Feeling good

Friday. Payday. And my gosh, the energy...don't know whether it's the slight difference in my diet or the fact that I'm giving my body a break from the hormones this month, but I sure hope it sticks around. Last night I got off work, plowed through the rest of the dishes and tidied the kitchen, made a decent meal, knitted up to the start of the thumb on my 2nd mitten, and started the Secret Garden. Hit the sack semi-early...woke up this morning around 5 and gave up trying to get back to sleep when it dawned on me that I'd gotten 6 hours and should be able to function on I sorted a pile of bills and culled my coupons before starting my morning routine. Uh oh...I think that means if I hit the sack at a decent hour, I should be able to strike out early in the mornings and go walking...gulp!

The weekend...hoping for some accomplishment. Tomorrow I'm thinking of putting in a pinch of OT, and then I'm meeting Christy and Diana for lunch, so there goes the afternoon. But I'm slowly chipping away at the house, bit by little bit. If this energy sticks around, I hope to do some serious work in the dining area on Sunday. I've decided to turn the typewriter table into a mobile chopping block...I'll explain that more in a later post.

Giving some thought to our we may need to settle here for a few more years, before making the big move. Tossing the idea around in my head, and mentioned it to Husby this morning...I know the economy's part of what's dictating the latest change. While I have a decent job, one that's willing to work with me should I become a mom, with decent bennies, etc., it doesn't make sense to uproot. Why not settle down a bit, move a bit out of town if possible, and concentrate on getting financially stable in a setting where the cost of living actually makes that feasible...another plus is Les's pain management doc, a really decent guy who doesn't treat him like a drug seeker...

Funny thing is, I think the last trip to CT is contributing to my change of mind too. Something about not being ready physically or mentally for what a big move like that, and life afterward, would entail. Granted, we're not looking to move to big snow country (though I wouldn't mind being close enough to day trip to it), but Nani's trip was SO eye-opening to me about what I'm doing to my body, how much work I need to put in to change. I was in such physical pain while I was there. I'll grant you some of that was probably a) the weather, and b) the stress of the trip manifesting itself physically, but it's still worth studying. Which I'm doing while I think about how I want to live this life.

I joined One Green Generation's Growing Challenge - Seed to Seed (link at right). Hoping to plan that this weekend too, what I'm hoping to plant this spring.

Found 2 delightful blogs this week...A Friend to Knit With and Granola Girl. They're on my Links now. Just neat ladies about my age, doing the knitting and kid raising thing. Check out the photos by Granola Girl...holy crap do they live in God's country!

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granola_girl said...

Thanks for the lovely comments. Yes, we count are blessings everyday that we live in such a beautiful place. Our small community is truly a hidden paradise! I look forward to reading your blog as well!