Friday, October 10, 2008


Definitely been taking a sabbatical of sorts...I got the supervisor position at work, which means steady activity in my workday finally, with almost no chance to goof off. I suppose at 39, that's a good thing. I've been coming home numb still though...will be taking this weekend to finally dig into things a little in my own environment.

The plants are withering from neglect, and I'm kicking myself for tossing all the old plastic sheeting we had when we were clearing out the house...old shower curtains and pool floats and such, because they would've been perfect for securing around my lower porch to keep out the rains, as I'm planning to move my plants out there for the winter. Ah well, plastic can't cost too much. I'm letting the tomatoes go to seed, if they'll even do that, and in the coming weeks I'll be mixing some fresh topsoil with the organic stuff I had leftover so that I can start some fresh herbs. The basil and chives may be the only things that survived the neglect of September.

I haven't been knitting either, and that I'm starting to feel...picked something up the other night finally and the feeling of peace that came over me as I worked was something I didn't realize I'd missed. I've definitely been a pinch more stressed in my new position—although it's nothing I can't handle, it's a reminder once again of how much I miss my lithium...gets me wondering how I'm going to make it another year-plus without it...can't go back on it while trying for babies, and can't go back on it until after breastfeeding if/when a blessed event occurs...I know I can do it, I know it'll all be worth it, but it gets hard sometimes, is all...

Anyway, taking care of me this weekend...Lil Sis is in town too! Yay!

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