Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Pretty impressed with myself that I spelled that right on the first try...did look it up in though, to see if I was using it correctly...I'm pretty close.

My fear and stress over possibly having my hours cut at work is causing me to slip into a fast rut. Going to try to nip that sucker in the bud before it takes doesn't help that I'm a hormone hostage this week, thus a tad scattered, and that I'm getting used to working in a different feels like we're just visiting here; it's SO different...more open, bieges instead of greys, easy to get lost still, larger desk areas, new's so neat and nice, just wish we had the work to go along with the new digs. So one of the things I need to do (in the reconnoiter category) is quit stressing and start thinking...thinking about how I can combat the money worries with different work options...

We need better recycling vessels in house, but we're definitely all gung-ho about it now, and the difference in our trash is marked...we were hitting the dumpster almost on a daily basis before we started recycling; now it's more like once a week. It's so automatic, getting ready to throw something out and realizing it belongs in the recycling instead, and we're rinsing things well enough where the bug problem hasn't gotten any worse...

Gotta go look busy :)

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