Thursday, July 17, 2008


I still don't really get how it's possible that Dad is gone, that I'll never see him again. Yesterday was just one of those hard days...I did websites in Androscoggin, Utica, and Saskatoon...all former territories of his. Then I was listening to music later and realized that I really can't listen to Josh Groban's February Song at work anymore (or for a while anyway), because the notes he hits in that sucker are so, so beautiful, it's jarring and makes me cry.

Thinking of changing my work shift a bit, because work falls later in the day...there plain isn't enough to keep us busy earlier in the mornings. It's helping me catch up on areas where my training was lacking...this morning I'm getting to explore Dreamweaver and Photoshop finally, as well as acquiant myself with the work of Tech Support...but it's a scramble everyday, and I need to bend to the demand.

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