Monday, June 30, 2008


Wow! Nice, new facility...larger desks, great use of natural light, and we're on the 3rd floor, so I'll be trying my darnedest to use the stairs for exercise. Naturally, since I started packing up my desk today, they had to bump the move at least a week, but we certainly have something to look forward to. There's a nice retention pond on one side and our main break room opens out there, so I look forward to lunching on the grass. It borders I-95 and the main view is Baptist South (hospital) on that side, but I think I can block that out.

We really do need the new digs; we're getting too big for our current facility and all-hands meetings are an exercise in claustrophobia where the break room turns into a sauna because of all the bodies. Still, a tiny part of me wishes the money they spent on the new building could've gone into our paychecks instead, like in a cost-of-living raise. With no overtime opportunities in the foreseeable future, it gets me thinking about a 2nd job again, though I know how unrealistic it is for me to hold down 2 jobs and maintain my sanity, especially sans full meds. Nose to the grindstone...

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