Monday, June 30, 2008

A good place

Nice weekend. Puttered on the computer quite a bit, neglected the apartment (except the kitchen), and took care of me. Why can't I remember what I did on Saturday? Laundry in the morning...then what? Must be having a lackolithium moment...did quite a bit of computer trolling, and I'm glad I did, because we lost cable this morning, so Internet and phone are soon to follow, and we can't pay it probably for 2 weeks :( Alexa turned me on to another crafty site with great resources for inspiring little ones: MotherRising...also a rather amazing account of life lived 1 block from 9/11/01. Seriously gives you perspective, makes you think...

Did quite a bit of cooking yesterday, and am happy with my new stove :) Made a bunch of wheat bread from scratch, a lil-of-this-lil-of-that soup that surprisingly wasn't a failure, and some oatmeal cookies for the week (with a hint of banana because I was low on regular oatmeal, but had 3 packets of Banana bread flavored oatmeal left).

  • Planting and harvesting: still just the catnip. Quite impressed with myself, the attention I'm giving said plants, not letting them wither from neglect. Wish I could say the same for the aloe. Everybody's sprouting but the spearmint, which is odd; those were Burpee seeds from this year ala Target. Going to shove Jobe's sticks into everybody this week. Gave the plants their first dose of real sun Saturday on the back porch, only to nearly drown them when the afternoon rains hit. So they're back up front for now.
  • Preserving: 2/3rds of the soup and bread I made yesterday went into the freezer :)
  • Prepping: yesterday was clean as you go in the kitchen, and I'm more comfortable in that room now. This week I hope to deal with the aloe and go through the bookshelves at least; not having cable will be a big help in this endeavor.
  • Cooking: mentioned above...also planning to try white bean burgers later in the week, and I have to bake a cake for a worker's birthday tonight.
  • Managing: reserves are LOW...have to do a shop tonight :(
  • Local food systems: WIP

We move into the new building for work this weekend, get to tour it in a couple of minutes. Should be fun!

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