Saturday, June 28, 2008


Not knowing where to start, in the task of educating myself for possibly owning animals and growing things on a smallish patch of land someday, I'm finding the Internet to be a nice jumping-off point. Farmlet recently documented quite graphically, the process of slaughtering a beef cow on their property (CAUTION: when I say graphic, I mean graphic!). On the chicken front, Throwback at Trapper Creek, has just documented the killing process for their broilers (also graphic). I'm not one to get grossed out by that stuff, and it has me seriously thinking about where I want our food to come from, and how I need to be more diligent about shopping at Native Sun for now. Husby bought Winn-Dixie milk the other day, and after what I've read about dairy that has rGBH added, I'm having trouble drinking the stuff.

Anyway, Throwback at Trapper Creek is an absolute gold mine of information...very educational, it's a firsthand account of living on a working farm in the Pacific Northwest. Livestock and gardening and the multitude of tasks required to maintain a zero-mile lifestyle where food is concerned. I'm looking forward to trolling their archives, but right now, some free-range egg salad is beckoning...

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