Friday, June 27, 2008


Holy cow, but I was wired yesterday...definitely need to take a good look at what I've been eating. Today's quite a bit better...I always feel a little raw after a good flying crash like that though, so today's weekly team meeting better be short and sweet...but I'm back on track, actually working on sites and listening to myself. And feeling better. Man, that's nice.

Don't know what the weekend holds...projects, no doubt...we have so much "stuff" in our little apartment that needs to be looked through, reorganized...and it's frustrating to see stuff I'd like from the garage at Mom's (like the two natural wood cabinets that stack one on top of the other...they'd be great for a makeshift pantry and place to keep kitchen appliances within easier reach, like the blender, food processor, etc.) and know that we don't have the room for it in our current sitch. So maybe digging into the apartment a little more will help us find the room...who knows...I keep trying to downsize and end up adding more furniture. Self-defeating or a step toward real organization?

Changed up the baby blanket pattern...found it in an old Creative Knitting mag, a standard rib of K2, P2 for 10 rows, then P2, K2 for 10 rows, and repeat...but I could tell I don't have the patience for that, so I did the first 20 rows and now I'll do it in stockinette until the last 20 rows. Stockinette may be boring as dog snot for some people, but it's exactly what I need right now.

Speaking of boring as dog snot, I still hate my haircut. Been enjoying new uses for bandannas though, to get it back from my face after work.

Got a new stove, and all 4 burners work! Sweet! Also wearing an old pair of capris that used to be uncomfortably tight and instead fit nicely, that's a nice feeling. Happy Friday, y'all!

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