Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Shot in the arm

No, I haven't been injured; I've been quoted! Elements in Time referenced a comment I made! I'm hilariously tickled by this. Thank you Melinda!

And after that last post, it has me embarassed to have been wallowing when I could've been planning...granted, my work is really dry stuff and by 3 o'clock in the afternoon, I just want out and to stop thinking, which is when that last entry occurred...but it's a good reminder that maybe more than just my handful of friends may read this blog, and that maybe it is more than just a glorified diary. I look up to folks like Green Bean Dreams and Down to Earth, recognizing that they've been at this simple and sustainable living thing a bit longer than I, but this journey I'm on is worth documenting, and as I learn, it's possible others will be learning from me.

I'm behind on the Independence Days Challenge:
  1. Plant something: Not last week, but definitely this week.

  2. Harvest something: Does a cement mixer count? I've been seriously busy on the weekends.

  3. Preserve something: hmmm...

  4. Prep something: Again, all the preppings been occurring at Mom's...see, what, like, 2 entries down, where I recount the physical fun of the past weekend.

  5. Cook something: Chicken n' Dumplings! Followed the Southern Living recipe almost to a T, and the result was quite yummy, and different from what we usually do.

  6. Manage reserves: Been keeping the fridge spartan, trying to use up leftovers and dump old stuff earlier than normal, rather than letting it sit and then enjoying some new and wonderful odors when I finally get around to throwing stuff out. Also recycling, and bought one of those Firehouse pickle buckets I talked about as an extra vessel for containing recyclables during the week...

  7. Local food systems: this one will prove trickiest, as the local farmer's market is really unimpressive and the decent farmer's market (in Fernandina) just isn't possible with gas prices being what they are. But I'm going to be buying our produce strictly at Native Sun, because I've found the flavor's worth the price and they're only 3 miles from my place.

Every little bit helps. When I grab a can of soda at work now, I set it aside to toss in the recycling bin instead of the trash. This requires just a pinch of effort, as the trash can is, of course, at my desk, whereas the recycling bin is at the other end of the building in the break room. But that little effort, which seems like nothing now, is probably a heck of a lot more than a lot of people think of doing. I'm policing my trash, at work and at home, and feeling better for it.

One thing that irks me is my inability to get to work in another fashion. Our city bus system just doesn't go that far south in the directions I need it to go in. They do come down to my work area now; the routes changed the minute Citibank moved their facilities to our neighborhood. But it mainly goes to the Westside, and I live in the Southside. I could grab the shuttle from work to the Avenues, and then a bus to the Deerwood shopping center near my place. That's probably an hour and a half commute for 7½ miles, and I just ain't that dedicated to reducing global warming. Then there's the biking concept, assuming that we owned a bike that wasn't rusted to ruin. That could be a plausible option, except the thoroughfares I'd have to share cars with are significantly busy, devoid of decent shoulders or bike paths, and this is Florida. Everybody thinks that Florida is the most wonderful climate, but I dare you to feel that way after a 1-hour bike ride in 90-degree weather. We're supposed to be getting better facilities at the new building when my company moves next month, stuff like a workout room and maybe showers, but as it is, by the time I save up for a new bike, I hope to be pregnant and you know Husby won't let me bike to work then...

Anyhoo, less moping, more doing! Did those dishes last night for the most part, so tonight I'll deal with the dining room, so that Husby won't freak when I procure the table for that area this weekend :)


rhonda jean said...
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Rhonda Jean said...

Hello Melanie. I just wanted to let you know that I visited and read your post. You're right, every little bit does help. Keep up the good work.