Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Have I got a pastime for you!

I don't consider myself a foodie in the Internet community sense. I'm unable to conjure my own recipes without serious assistance, have a tendency to perform substitutions which result in disaster, and have never attended or thought of attended any kind of culinary institution. I barely made it through Home Ec, would rather have spent that whole semester back in Wood or Metal shop, if the teachers hadn't been such chauvinistic pigs (we're talking 7th grade, 1981 here).

But becoming conscious about what you eat and where it comes from brings about this new enjoyment in cooking, baking, etc. I love trying new recipes and seeing success when directions are followed. I love experimenting and trying foods I've until now lacked the courage to indulge in (well, still drawing the line on most tofu products, artichokes, and can't seem to get past the color on black or green olives...but I digress...).

Anyway, when boredom hits or you have time to kill, I've got a web sport for you foodie wannabes...jump onto The Green Fork. It's the blog for the Eat Well Guide website, a nice resource about local, sustainable, and organic food. To the left is the Green Fork Blogroll, a revolving list of food and farm blogs. Some are all recipes, some dabble in the political aspects of living green, and some are about farming or green living; they even tell you in parentheses next to each link, what you're in for when you click on it. If you get through the list and want more, simply refresh the page and it shuffles the blogs, adding a whole batch of new ones. I've been sustaining my need to be elsewhere while working quite nicely by perusing these gems, and have come away with some amazing sounding recipes and great ideas. Try it for yourself, and enjoy!

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