Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Now, about that truck.....

You know, the one that hit me last week...yeah, little bastard came back this past weekend. I've written before about how I'm a 250# gal who performs projects as though she's still in a 175# body...all I can say is that recognizing one's own limitations is a holy bitch on wheels.

My mistake came in performing an entire PT workout Friday night. I took 2 days off from working out, after that serious PT session last Tuesday, so thought my body was due some exercise. But I did the ENTIRE workout, and even upped it a notch by using an actual step, like one of those things you do step aerobics on, for my step work (the step I work on at PT is about 1/3rd of an actual step). Felt really great while I was exercising, was happy with my progress once again, but went into Saturday sore, and proceeded to work my rather large ass off both Saturday and Sunday. Strained my left hip in the process and woke up Monday quite miserable. Managed to get a small bit accomplished yesterday (pictures to come, as I'm quite pleased with how organized my stash corner looks now), but for the most part was glad Husby was catching up on sleep yesterday, because I was a whiny mess. Woke up today with a stuffy nose and some minor aches, but it's finally abating.

FINALLY planted the Spearmint! Still haven't started the lettuce, but I'm going to do some reading on that, because I'm thinking it's already kind of late in the season to be trying it...granted, everything's getting started indoors at first, but that does mean it'd be getting its outdoor time when Florida's heat is at its peak...instead thinking of planting peppers, tomatoes, and some more herbs this week. Knitting's been on the back burner, thanks to my sore body, but I'll be tucking into some UFOs this week as well.

More later...

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