Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Independence Days Challenge Week 1

Well, it's a start...

  • Plant something—Spearmint!
  • Harvest something—Not quite yet, but did weed around all the aloes in Mom’s backyard
  • Preserve something—yeah, ok, this one needs some work
  • Prep something—Stash corner decluttered once again!
  • Cook something—Tried a new chicken recipe to mixed reviews
  • Manage your reserves—Cleaned out fridge, so it’s easier to assess stock
  • Work on local food systems—Found Mandarin food bank for dropping off extra canned goods (which have been set aside)

I'm so used to making plans and then only accomplishing half of them...that's what I'm trying to avoid with this. I won't talk about what I'm planning to accomplish with the Independence Days Challenge; I'll talk about what I've actually accomplished. Should make for a nice change :)

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