Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Definitely a multi-post day...

Thought I'd take a look at the Friday list and see what, if anything, got accomplished:

  • Planted spearmint
  • Books still in foyer...maybe next weekend...or even this week, if Husby gets a wild hair...
  • Goodwill bag and toolbox still in foyer...toolbox will find an accessible home in dining area when it gets tackled this week, and Goodwill bag will go in car
  • Didn't make it to Philips Highway recycling drop-off yet, but dumped recyclables in Mom's bin for pickup
  • Potato bin...yeah, maybe next weekend...
  • Budget...WIP
  • Baking didn't occur Monday on account of I could barely lift my arms
  • Exercising didn't occur because body got plenty this weekend
  • List for aloe supplies...hmm...maybe tonight?

Still, lots got accomplished on the Mom house front, so I don't feel useless. The place is shaping up quickly into the impersonal, spartan form that the realtor recommends it take, and we know now that her neighbors aren't interested in buying it, so we're making our plans with the idea of working with this realtor in mind. It's disheartening as hell, thinking of putting it on the market in this economy; she'll be lucky to have a decent nest egg out of it afterward...but it's necessary, so we push forward.

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