Friday, May 23, 2008


Took 2 days off from working out after the pummeling my body took on Tuesday, but now I'm kicking myself because my legs feel too loose again. I know they aren't actually, that it's the muscles finally recovering and that I probably needed that 2nd day off, but it punctuates how much work I still have in front of me, teaching the brain and the knees this new way of thinking and walking...the looseness makes it easier to lock my knees without thinking, but I guess it's cool that I'm recognizing that...guess I am thinking ::wry grin::

The weekend...blissful, free-timey weekend...well, not so much with the free time necessarily...we'll go to Mom's tomorrow and see how much we can get accomplished. The real estate agent gave her tips on making the house showable, so she's all jazzed to reorganize. I'm thinking I may have to loan her some of our furniture to make the place presentable. I'm kind of hoping that we get the brunt of it done tomorrow though, because there's plenty to be done where our lives are concerned too...never mind that gas prices make it trickier to go over there frequently...
  • My best-laid plans for growing stuff went on the back burner this week, and I desperately want to start at least some herbs—and some more daring stuff too, thanks to my best pal in Salem :)
  • We'll hit Chamblin's tomorrow morning, I think, to get the books out of the foyer
  • Get the Goodwill bag out of the foyer and move the toolbox anywhere else
  • First recycle trip! Find facility on Philips Highway and dump this weeks' load :)
  • Brain's turning on...maybe I'll bring the potato bin to Mom's tomorrow to spray it out with the hose...we let some stuff mold in there and I haven't wanted to use it again, until it's cleaned out...
  • I "rebuilt" my worktable in the dining area last night, which will make it easier to lay stuff out as I organize
  • Want to budget for the rest of the year, and find a way to live below our means (yeah, easy stuff like that...)
  • Do some baking on Monday
  • Continue exercising (mixed in with the heavy lifting I'll do Saturday)
  • After planting the lettuce and herbs, make a list of what's needed to get the aloes back to comfortable (fresh, large containers mainly)

I go into weekends with such high hopes...but I'm learning not to beat myself up when my limitations or real life get in the way of my plans. Just keep's a Finding Nemo reference, work with me dumb company is leaning on us to schedule all our PTO time out for the rest of the year, but that'll actually work well, because it'll force us to budget for SC trips and see how holidays might fall this year. I don't want the gas prices to affect how many times we go up there, not when it's evident we need more time to explore Columbia. Our trip up there this month was a nice start, but I really want to start exploring the neighborhoods around town and get a feel for the safe areas. Also need to get an appointment with one of the real estate or property management companies that works in rental homes up there, so I can get a feel of what they'll expect at the onset (deposits, first months' rent, credit sitch, insurance, etc.).

Spent yesterday afternoon scoping foodie, the Internet is frickin' awesome! Got some neat recipes and motivation to improve my kitchen supplies...

My personal colorist (Husby) took care of the sneaky little bastard greys last night...NICE to have the mop one color again! I trimmed the sides a bit myself this week, and I'm liking it a smidge better, but it has definitely shown me that I like a little length on my hair now, climate be damned.

Happy Friday!

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