Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Anybody get the license number of that truck?

My physical therapists are sadists.

Well, to be fair, we did at least 4 new exercises yesterday; and most of the work was done with the student PT, so he may not have been as cognizant of how hard he was pushing me. And I'm so gung-ho at these sessions, I'm pushing myself to just beyond my capabilities. The results are nice, but holy crap, I'm sore today! I'm working muscles in my quads and knees where none evidently existed previously, because they're talking up a storm today, grumbling and using naughty words. The nice thing is that it's all muscle aches, not knee joint aches; that's really fantastic, since the key is to build the muscles all around the knee so that they do the work that the joints can't handle as well.

Tonight, no season finales, finally...I need to look at the finances tonight though, so planting once again probably takes a backseat. What I would give for a 2nd stimulus check...

NCIS season finale gave us what Bones lacked...a solid backstory to complement the removal of a main character. I want to start a "Bring Back Zack" campaign for Bones; they shafted his ass for the sake of a storyline...he didn't even want to leave the show. Talk about cutting off the show's nose to spite its face...makes me glad there's about to be a lack of "original" TV shows; I could use the break from nonreality.

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