Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Crafty curse

The downside of giving knitting gifts is the expectation of continued gifts of this type...this past Christmas I gave Middle Sisinlaw a comfy scarf and Lil Sisinlaw a pair of knee-highs...Husby just got socks for his b'day...he bragged about them last night, and I'm pretty sure I've been given orders for 2 more pairs for Mom J. and Middle Lil Sis at the next major holiday. Not that that's uncool, I mean, I do get quite the jones from giving something that I've worked hard on...but it's May and I'm a procrastinator, so if I have any brains, I oughta give thought to next Christmas now and get started...especially since I have every intention of being pregnant by then and will have a pile of my own projects to work...heck, I have a pile of my own projects now...current UFOs in the ole knitting bag: Beach, Broadripple, a cowl, Cozy, Spirogyra (still scared of that waste yarn step), and the Opal baby sweater. All for me, me, me! I don't wanna knit for anybody else right now. Hmph!

Yeah, I know, selfish much?

So I got my hair cut and I'm bored silly with it, can't wait for it to grow out a bit. I got it cut short so that I'd be able to stop ponytailing it all the time (cuz I'm a lazy tomboy when push comes to shove, and we're already hitting temps in the 90s down here), but now I hate the lack of style, the inability to play with it and I'm craving the length back. Seriously fickle, I know.

Anybody else bitterly disappointed with the Bones season finale? Well-written, but so sad! I had a feeling early on that it was Zack, but refused to entertain it because he's such a beautiful teddybear of a character, so sweet, with the deadpan humor that made him mesh so well with Bones. GRRR! And those dorks wrote him out, it's not like he wanted to leave. BAH! House's finale was just amazing too, I was a weepy mess; haven't had a TV cry like that in ages.

Tonight I'll stab holes in the lettuce planter and start separating the outdoor aloes, while I watch them kill off Jenny on NCIS (please let it be Jenny! I don't want anybody else to leave!)...PT tonight! I'm so pleased with my progress :)

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