Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What a neat idea

Yeah, well, Technology-Free Day never really got off the ground in the Johnson household, but Husby was so jazzed about Earth Hour this past weekend, I think this one has a better shot. Check it out at Elements in Time when you get a chance; every little bit helps!

Energy level markedly better today...went to sleep after watching The Biggest Loser, and the motivation was still there when I got up this morning. Finally a reality show I can get into...even blew up the Bean last night! And then promptly realized I'd eaten too much at dinner and would have to make do with stretching. Still, better than nothing...the problem with my appetite is still there, but I'm always hungry as a result, so I have to be careful not to overeat when I do have an appetite for something...learning as I go, and having my pants all fit again is a real shot in the arm in the meantime. Watching The Biggest Loser is a real motivator though, because even though those folks are probably losing weight a little fast for the medical communities' liking (the average seems to be about 80 pounds in a 3½ month period...which I know is just nutty and doesn't work for everyone), it's still a "real person's account" of sorts, meaning they aren't perfect or instantly athletic...watching them do the triathlon last night, it was obvious how they struggled, which only makes sense when most of them were sedentary and shaped like me only 3 months prior...anyway, I'm enjoying the competition, and the drama isn't too contrived, although one of the guys cries so much, it's kind of funny.

Man, it feels good to be feeling better!

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