Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My favorite time of day

I work a regular job, but thankfully, it's become rote enough where I don't have to expend huge amounts of grey matter getting it done everyday. I'm able to work with a small part of my brain, while the rest of it is free to wander, make mental lists, dream, read blogs, etc. May not seem all that responsible for a 38-year-old, but we're talking about a paycheck here, not a career, so it's hard to care more than what's necessary to get the job done. When I grow up, I want to be SouleMama and Tiny Farm on a little patch of land in the Carolinas somewhere...the patience required while getting there means escaping now and then mentally to maintain sanity.

So around 9 a.m. every morning during the week, my favorite time of day rolls around. The coffee kicks in (and the morning medications and supplements) and my brain opens up with ideas and dreams. I'm in Columbia riding my bike to work at the local health food store, I'm taking the kids to a park, I'm planting my garden, I'm baking in a kitchen that's not galley...or better yet, I'm making lists on SCMoving for how I can get closer to these dreams. My spirit lifts markedly, and it doesn't hurt so much that I'm trapped indoors at a computer, and that my kids are still eggs.

Living in the future too much? Yeah, probably, but when the present is disappointing, part of working to change it is planting your ideas firmly in the future and then taking the necessary steps to get there. Sure, I'm risking never being happy with the present, by leaning so heavily on the dreams of the future, but I find a balance usually.

Anyway, while my body's still on the mend, it's been harder to get up in the mornings and get moving...I'm in the third full week of the latest Paxil decrease too, so that's gotta be contributing to the malaise that whomps me when the alarm goes off in the morning. So when my spirits take that upswing in the morning after I've been at my desk a bit, had some breakfast, done some sites, it's delicious...it's a breath of fresh air, it's springtime, it's diving into water and then breaking the surface, it's good food and Husby hugs and sinking my hands into soil. How can you knock that?

Special congratulations go out to SouleMama, whose first book, The Creative Family, hits the shelves today. I look forward to shelling out the dough for this one; her family is one big warm fuzzy, and I can't wait to learn more from her. Now, to start my own family to inflict inspiration on...!

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