Monday, March 31, 2008

April Showers

Ok, one day early...I can't remember the last time I've seen such a textbook spring in Florida. March came in like a lion, bringing with it winds that rivaled my memories of Above All, and now, going into the first week of April, we're looking at a week of overcast with sporadic soaking rains. I'm betting it'll batten down the azaleas that are starting to bloom, but should also make for a nice lily and daffodil season in another month or so. I'll grow my own daffodils someday; that is a flower that just knocks me out with its prettiness.

VERY tired of being tired...I'm sorry, did I say VERY? I meant, VERY!

I can't stand whining, so I'll try not to belabor the point, but geez, did I have to bag the entire weekend on account of depression and sickness? Yes, apparently so. I'm not sleeping right, still coughing, feel physically exhausted, and my appetite's nonexistent, which is great for the waistline, but lousy for the energy level. Wandered Publix last night frustrated, before grabbing a can of soup, of which I only ate 2/3rds--very unMelanie-like. I'm not even grazing, and I'm not getting enough protein lately, which of course contributes to my low energy level. I'm very happy with the behavior change it's creating, but I have to get more good food back into my regimen, because the only way I'm going to mend from this damn flu is to take care of all of me.

So, this week's going to be about grounding. I'll stick to basic stretching and yoga, because I just can't do more yet without it flattening me, and I'm going to concentrate on the basics of appreciating the elements again. Lighting a candle in the evenings, running my fountain, centering, and basic cleaning to improve our environment in the apartment. Nothing earth-shattering, just what's needed to maintain a healthy foundation.

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